Save for one small stretch around tax time this was a HOT first six months of 2018. Legend Numismatics is on pace to have our best year since 2008 (when we did the $40 million dollar Pattern deal for Bob Simpson). That year we did a mind numbing $100 Million in sales! A lot of that was because it seemed like every deal or coin we handled was well over $1,000,000.00-it was amazing how quickly things added up. The market had true “heat” back then. Since then we have never come close to crazy numbers like that. The coins (certainly not the collectors) are just not there for us to sell that much anymore.

This year, we have several new “superstar” collectors really showed their strengths the first half of 2018. What they are looking for is ALL PCGS , ALL CAC-and nothing less then the finest coins. You would be amazed what we have sold these new “black holes” of numismatics. The good thing, they are serious long terms collectors seeking to build and keep real quality collections.

There is a new Black Cat on the prowl. You can start following (some of his sets) on the PCGS Registry (it will take awhile to post everything) . We never announced it, but he bought Bruce Morelans insane MS Trade Dollar set. His goal (which he does not realize he already accomplished) is to become one of the great collectors of this era. He absolutely LOVES coins. He owns coins like the original Confederate Half and Cent that the ANA will display in Philadelphia. Last year ANA we purchased he $1 1794 PCGS MS64 CAC on his behalf. He has a 1792 Half Disme in PCCS CAC MS64, a 25C 1796 25C PCGS MS64 CAC,  and a ultra rare $2.5 1808 PCGS MS62 CAC. He just picked up a totally original (with a GEM)  box Pan Pac set-the Round and Octagonal are both PCGS MS64+ CAC). And oh WOW! Patterns are his real passion! He currently owns over 200 of absolute top rarity and top quality pieces (he owns an amazing 1868 Aluminum set with special presentation box-Mr Simspon owns the other). We have to pinch ourselves when we see his coins. He is very disappointed (and hisses) we can not get Bob Simpson to sell us the Amazonian sets. While other collectors may be getting all the fame, we’ll put what this quiet kitty is building vs any ones collections (except Mr Simpson and Bruce Morelan). Black Cat is the new breed of super collector-and he has only been buying for a year and half (100% through Legend)! Not only is he astute, he really studies up before and after his purchases. He is in it for the long term too while being very patient for his next purchase (our orders are no marginal coins ever). His sets will be something to see and we promise to display parts of his collections over time.

Don’t think all we notice are the big girl collectors and kitties during the first half of 2018 (BTW, we sell more $1,000.00-$3,000.00 coins than most people). We have picked up and seen many new people overall start collecting. We are very happy many have either started Type sets or just buy what they like. One thing we are sort of shocked by, is their hunger for quality. They mostly seem very well educated on what they want to do and what they expect. We don’t see many people so crazed they just buy and buy then take a substantial bath and caulk it up to an education. We think this helps put serious price pressure on PCGS CAC coins as there are not that many pieces to be found. Collectors like there are the backbone of why we enjoying  near record first half of the year.

We know our activity will continue strong as we all ready are locked and loaded for the few neat coins we know of coming up at the ANA Auctions. We know it won’t be just us bidding away at these incredible upcoming ANA Sales. We have stated before and will state again, sure things might be slow until the ANA, but BOOM! At the ANA you will see records set and activity spiked at both the  show and auctions. Simple reason, save for our auctions, it will be the best offerings of the year. Be prepared!

Have coins to sell? Want us to take your coins on consignment? See something in the ANA Sales you want representation on? The ANA Show is only 45 days away. Start planning now! Contact George Huang:


Darn we are good! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find properly priced PCGS CAC coins? Its near impossible. But thanks to extensive contacts from our 40 years in biz, we do get great coins! This weeks offering is not different. Highlights include:

1C  1894 PCGS MS66+ CAC

10C  1853 W/A PCGS PR65 CAC

25C 1839 ND PCGS MS64 CAC

We are holding back until late July on offering some really big cool coins. We ‘re assuming many people are laying low for the next 2 weeks or so -like we are! We did relist a couple of coins we are perplexed have not sold as fast as we thought and did reduce some pricing on them.

Also check out or regular inventory-we have several great coins (like a $1 1902 PCGS PR67+) that simply do not deserve (and are a mystery) to still be in stock.



BID NOW FOR OUR JULY REGENCY SALE! If you have not already, check it out. We did not think we could come close to our phenomenal May Sale, but this one did! Set your self up for phone bidding, need terms? Call or email us today.

WE WILL DISPLAY HIGHLIGHT COINS FOR BOTH JULY SALES AT THE FUN SHOW TABLE 822. Since we are only allowed to display highlights, please request which other lots you would like to see.


Legend Numismatics is pleased to announce we will be donating 1/2% from every lot sold in our July Premier Sessions Sale to the Numismatic Consumer Alliance. It is a quiet but powerful group led by our good friend John Albanese (founder of CAC). They seek no glory-just to help people who have been scammed and to make the bad guys repay. Just last week we were told about an elderly lady who got swindled by a telemarketer and NCA recovered all her money (which was all she had) in excess of $300,000.00. They do not charge for their service. The PNG and ANA should be ashamed they do not have any operations like this. Over the years we have heard about dozens of substantial refunds this group has attained.

Here is a link to their web site (slightly outdated):

We want to be clear, John and NCA never asks for any financial help and certainly did not know we are doing this. The mission he is on is too important not be known or given back some financial means. Legend has long been touched by NCA and has helped out when ever we could. Sadly most collectors never hear about the shady sides of the telemarketers or the victims. This is our way of saying thank you.

Take note: the July Premier Sessions sale is by far our biggest to date. It has over 250 lots with some really awesome coins. An unfinished listing is now published on the LRCA web site. We are introducing a new section called he “Value section”. Its where we will place lesser dollar value coins from larger collections we are selling. We will NOT be accepting lesser value consignments as they are too costly and time consuming. In the July Sales initial Value Section you will offerings from an big Estate and the Indiana collection. These coins are not dreck by any means!

The July Premier Sessions sale will be live in a few days-check it out today!

LRCA is always accepting quality consignments for our Regency and Premier Sessions sales. We will have a table at the upcoming FUN Show. Or you can contract: Julie Abrams:, Jessica Berkman: jessica@legendauctions, or Greg Cohen: They will happily craft a plan (including hybrid plans) to help you yield the most for your coins. Try is on big collections-no auction house will do the things we can and will do for you!