Legend Numismatics has been following the horrible situation in Thailand with the trapped soccer team. We pray for their safe return. With the greatest experts in the world working on it, we can only pray they can get the job done. It was sad they lost a member of that team trying to save the boys. That man was a true hero. So far so good!


That was the name of our favorite fireworks in Red bank NJ they used to have. It was always billed as the only show close to Macy’s in NYC for content. Sadly, it ran out of money (Springsteen used to pay $100G towards it when his kids were young) and now it is a smaller town affair.  In our coin biz last week, on July 1st (a Sunday of all days), we experienced a real KABOOM!  Out of almost thin air from noon until 9 PM we sold in excess of $150,000.00-all off our web site. Coins like the 10C 1853 W/A PCGS PR65 CAC, $1 1863 PCGS PR66 Cameo CAC, $5 1807 PCGS MS64 and several other five figure coins were sold, We were stunned. This past week we expected zero. Of course after that we just sold a minor coin or two each day as expected. You just never know.

We do believe we are in the summer doldrums. However, they just might not be as dead as they can be. At the last minute we have decided to attend FUN in Orlando and take a table (#822). The interesting fact-we know 2-3 others who are now going as well (seems we all decided at the same time there was some activity this year).

Right now its really soup to nuts selling. We would never in a million years have guessed we sold what we did on a July 1st-a Sunday no less. We’d be shocked if this week came any where near last weeks sales-out side of the show. Now through ANA we doubt any major deals or fresh million dollar plus coins will surface. So it will be a slow one coin at a time.

Gold is still heavy in demand-when you can find any true nice pieces. The premiums are down as is spot which makes this a great time to buy. If you wait until ANA to buy generic gold coins, they probably will end up costing you more. If you want to buy on the cheap and by pass PCGS CAC pieces, remember our motto-“cheap is not cheap enough”.

The best thing to do right now is shop and cut deals. Save for one dealer on a red hot streak, there is no dealer we know (including us) who will not listen to or pass on any reasonable offer. Do know, today cash is absolutely king! At ANA you will be involved in competition even on the bourse floor to buy nice coins, so you will have to pay a bit more.


It will be under Legend Auctions. Legend Numismatics will be there only Thursday. The auction company will be there through Saturday.

If there are coins from our inventory you wish to see, please contact us no later then Tuesday.


No block buster coins this week. However EVERY coin we have posted would be a highlight for anyone else. We are offering 21 fabulous NEWPS with no retreads. Highlights include:

1C 1943S PCGS MS68 CAC This coin is insane!

50C 1887 PCGS PR65+ DCAMEO CAC  A wowzer!

$1 1877 PCGS PR65 CAMEO CAC  Good luck finding another!

Of course we worked extra hard to have a fantastic offering for everyone. Do not forget to check out our regular inventory offerings as well. As we mentioned before, we’re here to make deals and place coins!




We have a new Market Report now posted for LRCA, check it out!

STOP BY TABLE 822 AT THE ORLANDO FUN SHOW TO SEE US (and the auctions lot highlights).

Our July Premier Sessions Sale (our biggest ever) will open Monday for bidding. It closes Thursday night July 19th. We do have a complete lot listing now posted, go check it out. Even though its summer, we really do expect strong bidding on all he coins-several are from estates. NOTE: lot 190-264 are  in our new collectors group. All coins are priced BELOW $1,000.00. These are al parts f much bigger deals.

Remember no one else runs Monthly sales like we do. Our buyers fee is only 10%. For this July sale only, we are donating 1/2% of hammer to NACA (stop coin fraud.com). We provide full descriptions and all coins are approved by TWO bourse floor credible numismatists.

We will be bringing highlights from both sales to display. If there are pieces you need to see, just ask. We are not allow to put then out (we do respect that).

Shortly we will have a major announcement about our up coming September Regency Sale in Las Vegas (Cosmo Hotel). Stay tuned-it is a block buster!


BID NOW OR MAKE PLANS TO DO SO! Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. This  sale may have topped Mays spectacular sale-which we though could never be done. So if you need terms, to phone bid, or any help, please contact Julie Abrams: julie@legendauctions.com.  We’re still 2 3/4 weeks away and we have a really strong sell through already. Views to the site as well as new registrants are running as strong as they did for the May sale (which is unbelievable).

As always we are accepting consignments for our August Premier Sessions Sale and September Regency Sale. Now we can take soup to nuts and offer you many options-all custom to you! If you are thinking of an internet only sale, come to us first, you won’t want to waste your time with people who can only list coins. In EVERY sale we hold., the powerful customer base of Legend Numismatics participates. How strong is that? In the Heritage LB Sale we bought 10% of the entire sale and paid extremely strong prices. The Legend Customer base is unequaled in all of numismatics!

To discuss consigning your coins, call or email Julie Abrams: julie@ legendauctions, or Jessica Berkman: jessica@legendauctions.

Last, check out our new Market Reports that post every Friday on the auction web site. They are designed to be similar to Legends market reports but based towards auction customers.