Early October Market Report


WOW did we have a whirl wind week. Last weeks Pogue Sale really stirred things up for us. 

We stepped back to think, in this some what “choppy” market we managed to place $11,000,000.00 worth of coins in the past 30 days. Yes, that does include Pogue, ($8.8 million), but that’s still an awful lot of coins. You will NOT see a single coin we placed offered in the market for many years. Now, we are back to the stark reality of not being able to find the coins we really need. Its sort of a feast or famine scenario. 

One thing we are very proud of, we see collectors listening to our suggestions. We know of several PR Barber sets started as well as a few Gold Type sets and other interesting projects. The opportunities have never been greater and the people who start sets today will not regret it! Sure, we may sound like a broken record, but today really IS the time to be a strong buyer. The smart money certainly is (we assure you, you will NOT see more then 4-5 Pogue coins being offered for resale by dealers-all went to hungry collectors). 

So, we are back in the rut of a slow month due to lack of coins. We simply won’t find or have access to coins like we did the past 30 days. Our market is not stuff, dreck, or widgets. We must admit, we FINALLY have a great lead on a 27S $20 in GEM (we searched all over for 4 years)!!! 

Of course Legend will be set up and ready for business at the PCGS Las Vegas Invitational Show. 

Stay tuned for an important new Hot Topics! 

Legend will be participating in this sale. We will be lot viewing hopefully the week of October 20th. ALL representation is first come, first serve. Whether you believe it or not, representation DOES make a huge difference. Some times we’ll save you money, and some times, we’ll push you a little harder because your thinking might have been way off. Its worth while that’s why the very biggest collectors today all have qualifies representatives. Email Laura Sperber direct to discuss bidding: lsperber1@hotmail.com

We are fortunate to have a partial GEM Peace Dollar set for sale. We assisted the collector on several of the coins (we sold him the 25S). Sadly, his patience has run out and he wants to move on to other areas. EVERY coin in his set has a better then average strike, he loathed dipped coins, and are pretty much high end. He did not play the crack out game and most of his coins are in older holders. His mandate to us: “find the coins good homes”. 

Other coins in the NEWPS: A beautiful 1C 1909S VDB PCGS MS66+RD CAC and a MONSTER 25C 1841O PCGS MS67 CAC. You can be assured EVERY coin posted by us is all there and then some. We don’t fluff our descriptions or handle low end coins and pass them off as high end! We do what we say-and that is how Legend has UNQUESTIONABLY built the greatest current base of collectors who have built some of the greatest all time collections! 

ALL of the NEWPS will be posted by LATE Sunday night! Allow 48 hours for images. We are open on Monday! 

This week is it. Our 14th Regency Sale is ready to go on Thursday starting LIVE at 5 PM PST at the Bellagio. 

You can see the sale on line at: legendauctions

Highlights of this sale include:

The final session of the Coronet Collection of Morgans-the former all time #1 PCGS Registry set. Do note: just like session 1, we do expect furious bidding with many world records to be established. So we suggest you use the price guides and think beyond them. These are ALL MONSTER coins that have few or NO peers. Nothing similar has been on the market since 2009. Once these are gone, you won’t see real quality like these coins again for years-if ever! 

The Gulf Coast Collection of Morgans. This was a 58-67 set that was painstakingly assembled. There are many GREAT coins in this set. Highlights include: a really gorgeous toned 1884 PCGS MS67 CAC, a 1889CC PCGS MS62, a terrific 1894O PCGSMS64 CAC, and many more great dollars! Opportunity knocks super loud in the Gulf Coast Collection. 

Of course we have many beautifully toned Morgans. Legend is NOT a one trick pony like others are. We have the biggest customer base for the VERY BEST toners-period! In this area, we have our highest rejection rate of coins we’ll put in our sales (who else does that)! 

There is some amazing copper 1C 1859 PCGS MS66+ CAC and a 1C 1899 PCGS MS67 CAC. have a MONSTER 5C 1913 TYI PCGS PR68 CAC and a totally original 25C 1853 A?R PCGS MS65 CAC. The list can go on: PR GOLD G $1 1857 PCGS PR66 DC and a WOW $10 1887 PCGS PR65+ DC CAC. Again, we assure you, EVERY coin is handpicked. Your NOT going to end up with any doctored or over-graded pieces. 

Even though this sale has started out slow, we can assure you come sale time, the bidding will perk up and prices will be strong. We can tell by the traffic, questions, and representation we are providing to collectors. 

Remember, you can get the same world class representation that the likes of Bob Simpson, Bruce Morelan, Law Collections, Far Eagle, and other world class collectors use for-FOR FREE. And don’t think for a minute we’ll sneak a coin in on you-that is not and never will be who we are or how we operate. Contact Laura Sperber direct to discuss: lsperber1@hotmail.com

VERY IMPORTANT: We leave for LAS VEGAS Tuesday. Please contact us Monday with any questions or if you need to set up phone bidding or representation. When we are in Las Vegas, we can be reached from Tuesday evening on at: 732-233-0719

We look forward to everyone’s participation in this wonderful sale. Good luck!