Our track record of finding some of the most outrageous coins is proven (100% Morelan, 100% Simpson, a big part of Bender). We can tell you for a fact, we have not seen the market this deprived of true quality coins ever. And we mean ever. Of course, the market now accepts CAC and it is not unfair to say the majority of true quality coins reside in PCGS CAC holders. Because there are so few coins of great quality hitting the market, the ones that do fit the bill are only costing more. You can even say that about semi-generic gold. If you see a published price for pretty coin, assume you will be paying MORE. It should be noted that you are NOT overpaying. You are only paying the current market. We know we are paying OVER most published prices for the very best coins.

When we buy a coin, we demand, EYE APPEAL, originality, and strong technical quality. If it’s a Proof, it MUST have clear or glassy mirrors. Proofs and DMPL’s -NO HAZE. unfortunately, we have seen some coins improperly stored and turn in the holders. You can NOT pay up for the plastic.

Great coins are only getting rarer. Not surprising demand is growing at all levels of the market. Look at what Proof gold has done in the past 2-3 years-exploded more than a volcano!  The smart buyers who are picking up the low pop, eye appealing coins, and are paying record numbers, will NOT get hurt unless they need to sell the next day. We must remind you; you always buy the BEST you can afford and HOLD long term. Yes, even the crazed collector who paid a world record beyond Pluto price for Simpsons 1941 PR 68+ Walker ($50,400.00 all in) will do well so long as they hold it.

It might not be a bad idea to buy cheaper coins like MS +PR Type now. These coins have not moved much at all in the lower grades PR64-67. Or MS+PR 3CN’s. There are deals to be had for the right coins. Just do NOT expect to find a lot of them. We do expect the prices to be paid for the right coins to be over published prices. Just think of what you do NOT see anymore: deep mirrors CC Dollars, nicely toned MS64-65 Bust Halves, MS Seated Dollars 63-65. There are so many coins that we used to see nice examples of that have fallen into that forever deep black hole.

One note about eye appeal: A WOW coin is just that. It will hit you the second you see it. You should not have to twirl or imagine its glory.


We “walked” into a 200+ coin treasure trove from a long-time collector who bought his best coins back in the early 1980’s!  Many of the coins have the old ANACS cards and are raw!

It will take us a good month to work through this deal with grading. It’s crazy how times have changed. We’re looking at coins from 1982 graded 63/65 ANACS and we are asking ourselves are they really perfect like we, see? What are we missing? Could they really be MS66’s or higher today? We shall see.

There is pretty much a complete set in the group with many duplicates (especially 1940 and later).  The vast majority are original white. You won’t need to look anywhere else for Walkers!!!!

Stay tuned. We hope to have a few posted early October. So far, we have not been able to look at the entire deal. We’ll get there.

This is from a long time (and we mean long time) Legend customer. He has not bought coins in the last 15 years. He came to us, because as he loves to say: “I trust you guys”. We’re grateful because original “deals” like this are becoming rarer and rarer. For us, it’s a fun and a challenge to work.


With the price of gold falling (as of this writing $1,625.00), it won’t be too long for premiums of some gold coins will too. We more than ever suggest building a Type set or putting some coins away now. We are still VERY bullish on gold and gold coins.


This week we have a powerful offering. Just about every coin we posted would be a highlight for someone else! We consider the highlights to be:

5C 1912-D PCGS MS66+ CAC

G $1 1888 PCGS MS68+ CAC

$5 1893-CC PCGS MS64+ CAC Bender

$5 1909-O PCGS MS62+ CAC

Be sure to check out our other great NEWPS as well. All coins we offer are PCGS CAC.


Our Regency Auction 55 is ready to go! Bidding will be open this weekend. There are many wicked cool coins. Highlights are the extreme $5 1831 LG D PCGS MS65+ CAC a real MONSTER, the $20 1893-S PCGS MS65 CAC GEM-the Akers plate coin, a $1 1795 FH PCGS MS61 CAC, and the insanely toned 5C 1938-D/S PCGS MS68 CAC! There are many more unbeatable coins in the sale.

The sale closes with a live auction October 20th. Good luck to all the bidders!

There is an internet only sale as well . That part closes October 23rd.

If you have any questions, please email or call the best staff in the auction biz: 732-935-1168.

We are always accepting quality consignments. We’ll develop a plan for you that will maximize your returns.

Our next sale is Dec 8th in Las Vegas at the PCGS Invitational show. It’s never too early to consign.