This past week there was a smaller ( in lot count ) by a major auction house.  We were interested to see where the market was during the week of tax time.  As the auction started we noticed some nice coins were selling cheap.  So we decided to participate, we purchased a 25C 1892 PCGS MS65 CAC for $720.00-all in.  We also purchased a “bigger” Type coin for approximately 50% off its last known sale.  Those prices had us slightly worried but were salivating for  the few better gold coins.  When they opened they did not seem all that expensive.  Then like a clap of thunder-off to the races. OMG!  The prices realized for the better gold was insane and were beyond Pluto money!  Even generic gold sold strong.  Obviously the market is still powerfully strong for better gold.  Cheaper Type clearly was in a lull (at least for this past sale).

We think all non gold coinage will be depressed until CSNS or after the tax time period, very typical of the past trends.  But, we think gold will be even stronger when CSNS rolls around.  For this past sale, we thought we had strong bids but were totally blown away.



Our motto is ” If it’s gold, it is sold “.  This week, our offering contains some nice gold pieces at very reasonable prices.  The only earth shattering coin is the G $1 1888 PCGS PR67CAM CAC.  We know we certainly do not see many of these offered or any PR67+ Cameo CAC.  This is a great coin to put away!



So far we are recording more eyeballs on the CSNS Regency 58 Sale than our past 2 sales.  People are definitely checking out the sale.  As well, we have had a few customers in to lot view this past week.

This sale includes an outstanding group of coins and many have not been on the market for years.  We suggest you be prepared as we expect to see many record prices set or be broken. Call or email the BEST staff in the auction biz for guidance or if you have any questions or need to set up phone bidding.  Special terms are being offered!

The consignment deadline for Regency 59 is now closed.  We are now accepting coins for our weekly sales which are growing rapidly.  Stay tuned for another upcoming “single consignor” weekly sale.  Our weekly sales starts to close on Sundays at 7 PM Est.  Check them out!