July 4th Report


July 4th, a time for celebrations of our great nations founding-and coin collecting!

We could not believe that our phones and especially emails were so strong on Friday the 3rd (we had emailed everyone we were closed). Guess the July 4th fireworks came early. Collectors wanted to buy coins! That does not happen every July 4th weekend, we assure you. In fact we did place two five figure coins and are talking with a collector about one to two more!

We also have had some time to review how June ended up. It was a weird month. It started out strong. We came home from Long Beach and did lots of biz. The following week it died a horrible death making us scratch our heads. Then in the final two weeks  of the month, we sold: TWO 50C 1795 PCGS MS64 CAC pieces (only 4 graded) and the finest known $10 1798/7 PCGS MS62+ 9X4 at prices between $250-$300,000.00. We also placed a MONSTER PR 68 Ultra Cameo Morgan (so black and white it looks like a medal) just to name a few coins. Funny thing, our less expensive coins had little play during this time. Still, we thought this activity showed the market was alive and well-at least for us.

No question we are now in the summer doldrums overall. There is a slight chance with a very interesting auctions in Baltimore activity might re-awaken (we can tell you we are locked and loaded to buy at the sales)! We already have been tipped off that several MAJOR buyers (besides us) are going to play in the sale. We are going to the show on a mission to buy more $2-$7,000.00 coins anyway. We tried really hard to do so in Las Vegas and bought like 4 coins which are all sold. Its not for lack of trying, its simply a lack of nice coins. If you want cheaper dreck or over graded retreads, there is all you can ask for available. We don’t buy that stuff and never will. You just can’t buy it cheap enough anyway!

If you seek auction representation for the Baltimore Auction, email or call us this upcoming week. We will be lot viewing mid week.

With the summer doldrums under way, NOW is your best time to buy from dealers. Do not wait and be part of a herd. You definitely can save some money buying in an “off peak”. While we are enjoying strong sales still-we do have a few “old friends” we would like to place. Opportunity does knock loud now!


We still have a $20 million + Want List! Right now we especially need  TWO $20 1907 HR FE PCGS MS66 CAC (only), lots of MS65 and higher PCGS CAC DMPL Morgans, preferably better dates $2,500.00-$10,000.00  (sorry, NO NGC or NON CAC pieces), ANY PR 64 and higher Amazonian Patterns, an $2.5 1808 PCGS AU50 CAC (ONLY) and higher, wild colored Commems PCGS/CAC, we still need that $20 1927S PCGS CAC (ONLY) MS64 or HIGHER and a $1 1802 PCGS MS65 CAC! That is a micro small sample of the coins we really need.

We will pay stronger then any one for the “right ” pieces on our Want Lists. Do note, we will not overpay for commoner coins we can buy all the time on the bourse floor. Also, if your coins have never been to CAC, no problem. We can still offer you a CAC price and agree to a deal should they sticker!

Last do not confuse our requests seeking coins that we need vs an open cattle call for just anything or that we’ll pay 2009 prices. Sure we need NICE fresh coins, but we seek coins on our Want Lists (again, those Want Lists are HUGE) at the current market rates. Of course if you need to sell we’re always buying. We offer three tremendous options: out right purchase, we’ll take on consignment, or put in Legend Auctions next sale.

Please contact George with your offerings: legend@legendcoin.com


Again, we are limited with the amount of NEWPS we can post. Buying as we have mentioned numerous times has been impossible. The three main highlights of this weeks NEWPS: 3CS 1872 PCGS MS67 CAC, $2.5 1895 PCGS PR66+ DCAMEO CAC, and a really rare $5 1820 PCGS AU50 CAC (Old green tag holder). Of course we have several other NEWPS to fit most tastes and budgets.

Also, check out our regular inventory. We want to place our coins in good homes/great collections-we’ll work hard to get you in the coin of your desires!


Whew! We finally are starting to recover from last weeks huge surge of activity. We had well over 100 winning bidders! Doing the admin and getting invoices out really took a tremendous effort. Thank you Julie, Ann Marie, and Jose!

In case you did not hear, our June 25th Regency Sale brought in MORE then $6 MILLION DOLLARS and set numerous price records! Read about it here: http://www.legendauctions.com/news/postregencyxii/

As every one can now clearly see, Legend Rare Coin Auctions can easily match ANY major auction firms results. Being tied in to Legend Numismatics huge and strong customer base is just a start (although Legend IS one of the VERY strongest and biggest buyers at every major auction out there). We have attracted thousands of high profile collectors-and even many serious collectors from the art world and other collectable areas new to coins who think coins are fun and cheap!

We work one on one with every one. Consignors know their coins are INDIVIDUALLY promoted-not shuffled in a phone book to be sold at 1 AM. They know we have an easy to use web site that does not break down during the sale. Buyers also know they can trust our descriptions and advice. Our motto is: “a happy buyer, makes a happy seller”. We lavish our services on EVERY consignor and buyer.

The deadline for consigning to our September sale is July 13th. Call or email Julie Abrams NOW: Julie@legendauctions.com. We will be attending the Baltimore Show Wed-Friday at our table 643/644. Make an appointment to see us! The minimum we can accept is $2,500.00 per coin total $5,000.00. Yes, we do sell coins worth less-but you MUST have a deal valued at MORE then $50,000.00 for us to consider as space is very limited. Of course ESTABLISHED Legend customers ALWAYS get the BEST consignment deals!

We are requesting all colored dollar consignments be placed in our October Sale-the second session of the #1 all time Finest Coronet Morgan Collection. Do note: We WILL reject dollars we feel are not worthy or have unreasonable reserves. If you have beautifully toned Morgans you wish to consign, send them to us now-the earlier the better.

The September sale has the Hall/Simspon $10 Collection, TWO MONSTER Rainbow colored PR 67+68 Morgans, a GEM 10C 1919D PCGS MS66FB, and some killer Type (including a fresh mega monster colored PR 3CS that will blow your mind). We don’t mention deals on the way to us, but we have some exciting fresh real collector coins due in this week! You will want to be a part of this sale!