We knew the market was tough. So we were very happy to see that little “bump” up in activity that we had predicted. We enjoyed weak but encouraging buys off our web site and had people calling and ask what we have in stock. There was more optimism then negatives for sellers for the first time since ANA. Can’t say if we hit rock bottom, BUT the market sure is acting like it. Do NOT be fooled though if there is a bigger bump up at FUN. We still need some serious jumps up to fully recover to let the bulls run again.

One thing we will say, there is no flood of GEM PCGS CAC better coins available. Collectors are now waking up to improved posted values and a PCGS CAC Registry. Keep in mind, this is all new and it will take months for the kinks to be worked out. But, its easier to understand why a PCGS CAC coin is worth as much as double a NON CAC coin in many cases.

We feel more optimistic now then since ANA as well. Do note, the really great coins (PCGS CAC of course) are still highly sought after and are in their own universe.


If you had asked us how we thought we’d do just 24 hours before the sale, you’d hear okay. If you can recall we were not buzzing about record eye balls, yada yada. We admit, we were nervous.

With just hours to go on Thursday-BOOM! We had a huge wave of collector registrants hit-of which HALF were NEW. When the sale started, we had typical eye ball numbers and record live internet bidders. Shocking!

Nickels and Walking Liberty Halves led the way (one collector even learned to speak French  via our request before we allowed him to buy a Walker). We had some really nice Commems, but sadly they ended up hit or miss on prices. Dollars were weak. Average coins sold cheap while great coins were eagerly competed for. Look at these numbers which we believe are world records:

Lot 7 – 50C 1942 MS68 CAC realized $28,200

Lot 26 – 50C 1940 PCGS PR68 CAC realized $18,800

Lot 122 – 1C 1910 PCGS PR67+ RD CAC realized $52,875

Lot 153 – 5C 1877 PCGS PR67 CAM CAC realized $20,562.50

Lot 219 – 5C 1914 PCGS MS67+ CAC realized $27,025

Lot 220 – 5C 1915-S PCGS MS67 CAC realized $55,812.50

Lot 277 – 10C 1897 PCGS PR67 DCAM CAC realized $21,737.50

Lot 353 – 50C 1943-S PCGS MS67+ CAC realized $52,875

Lot 357 – 50C 1946-S PCGS MS67+ CAC realized $22,912.50

Lot 368 – 50C 1961 Doubled Die Reverse PCGS PR67+ CAC realized $14,687.50

Most of these coins had MULTIPLE bidders in record territory. So many other lots had strong bidding too.

Auctions clearly have emerged as the many collector prefer to buy. We are leading the way with smaller total quality sales. In 2020 we plan on having 7 Regency sales. We are even having our own sale in March in Philadelphia (watch for a major special announcement for an event in conjunction).


WE WILL BE POSTING A FEW NEWPS THIS WED BY NOON. It will be our final offering for this year.

The few NEPWS we are posting are priced right and are SUPERB!  In fact, we regret not trying  harder to buy!  Dealers really had needed cash and really were taking offers. (a lot of these guys are just so greedy some times).

We have some wonderful coins posted in our inventory. Check them out!

Stay tuned!

PART OF THIS WAS WRITTEN IN DALLAS. We lot viewed FUN on Saturday. Time to talk to us about representation!!!  Contact us : legend@legendcoin.com.