For sure, this year was slightly better then this time last year. The plunge had been quick and deep in the coin market during 2014-2015. Clearly the Gardner and Pogue Sales sped up the downward run.  We felt that since May of this year  the market might finally be bottoming (although August through Sept were HORRIBLE). Last year at this time prices were sliding. This year they seem stable. That is something HUGE to give thanks for.

We also give thanks for all the hard working people who call themselves hobbyists and allowed coins to be such a wonderful collectable area. Not only do these people make it an “industry” but they have created a safe enviornment to protect coins for further enjoyment of others for many years to come.

The principals of Legend numismatics are just coin “weenies” at heart. We’re greatful to be able to work in area we so deeply love. This is a shout out from us to all collectors, THANK YOU for making this hobby so special to us-and everyone else!


Sure, we really only had 3 days of being in the office to do business this past week. The week started off super strong and we did six figures in sales by Monday evening. Web sales were strong-and we had 4 serious buyers for our Coin Of the The Week (the 1860O PCGS MS64 CAC). Its clear to us collectors do see how cheap coins have fallen too.

One thing we think could possibly slow the infant upward cycle-a SEVERE drought of coins. If we had to guess, maybe 1% off all the Pogue coins are available for resale. Even the majority of the destroyed value MS Seated coins from Gardner have now found homes. It’s really hard to start anything but a Type Set  today or some variation of major set. True quality RARE COINS are just that again-RARE. Look at the Saints sold November 1st in Heritage.  We had to pay $20,000.00 more then we expected to buy the 27S PCGS MS65 CAC. ALL the PCGS CAC Saints in that sale sold strong-really strong. You do NOT see any REAL better Saints offered anymore. We can’t even buy TRUE GEM DMPL Morgans and have many unhappy customers. At some point people either quit looking or never start sets. That is a rare happening that could slow any upward momentum this market is headed too.

There are so many wide open areas where market is greatly depressed. Hate to sound like a broken record, but MS Seated and Barber coins lead the way. Early copper has come way down too. Two Cent pieces in proof are ridiculous cheap.  Collectors should be looking into these areas for the long term. You can slowly but surely build great collections in these areas. Not everything has to be Rare Gold or Bust Coins. Of which surprisingly $2.5 and $5 Indian gold are hurting too )a $5 Indian Set in MS64 is not bad project). Its going to take 2-3 years for prices in these areas to recover to 2008/2009 levels.

Legend can help you build a great collection-no dealer in business today has come close to building the #1 classic collections we have! Building a great set does NOT entail spending $1 million or buying expensive coins. You can buy 5 1880S $1 in MS67 and have a collection-IF you have the right coins. We’re in between market cycles for sure. Do not miss the opportunities, talk to us.


MAJOR proof of lack of coins: We finally hit a wall. We are totally DRY of NEWPS this weekend.  We hope to have NEWPS next Saturday December 3rd. until then check out our 100% PCGS CAC inventory. We’re here to place great coins and build great collections! Respect great coins and their premiums, its so hard to find and buy any today.


We need a ton of better coins. What do you have? We will really pay strong for coins we need (we will NOT be out spent)! We will buy entire collections PCGS , NGC, or RAW!  Remember, we’re the people who paid $10,000,000.00 for the 1794 $1!!! We need a minimum of $40,000,000.00 per year in great coins to keep our customers happy. Our current Want List value is $20,000,000.00! Ask ANY major auction house, Legend Numismatics is either their #1 or in the top 5% of their buyers!!!

Sorry, we will not pay more then “market” for widgets or coins where there are buy/sell spreads.

Contact George Huang:


BID NOW! Our December Regency 19 Sale is open for bidding. We’ve already had a flood of NEW registrants and hundreds of eager bidders. The sale closes with a live session at the PCGS Las Vegas Invitational Show December 15th.

If you wish to see any coins, need terms, want to phone bid, contact Julie Abrams julie@legendauctions or Greg Cohen today. We expect the catalogs to be shipped by December 5th (holiday time took a toll).

Legend Auctions will be at the Houston Money Show, however we will bring auction lots ONLY by request. Contact us no later then Tuesday at noon if you wish to see any lots at the show.

On December 1-8 Legend will post its December Sessions Internet Only Sale. This sale includes HANDPICKED, mostly UNRESERVED, and quality coins with only a 10% buyers fee! Plus, we give FULL descriptions-no other internet  only auction does that! late, we REJECTED over 30 coins for the sale (we KNOW no else does that)!

QUALITY CONSIGNMENTS ALWAYS ACCEPTED. Our absolute deadline for our January Regency 20 sale is Friday December 2nd. Need a cash advance? We can do up to $10,000,000.00 immediately-try us!

We will not be doing an Sessions Internet Only Sale in January (scheduling made it impossible).