The Long Beach Show

Much to our surprise, we had our BEST WHOLESALE show in 5+ years. We also sold a few coins to collectors on Thursday. The biggest coin we sold was $150,000.00, while the least expensive one was $1,000.00. Laid a HUGE goose egg on buying. In the old days, by Thursday morning, we would have spent $500,000.00 and sometimes even $1,000,000.00. You cannot imagine how difficult it has become for us to serve everyone. Especially since we will never buy lesser quality to fill an order.

Considering there are two major auctions and the Baltimore Show coming up next week, the fact we did so well at Long Beach is very reassuring for where the market is. We also know our pal, the “super secret stealth seller,” did really well and stayed for only 2 days. Summertime shows and auctions tend to be slightly weaker; however, we are not so sure that will happen this year. The demand for better coins (the type we deal in) does not seem to be fading at all. We could have sold three 1905 proof sets, and like magic, our $1 1795 PCGS AU53 garnered interest from multiple parties. Last week, sales on our website were strong again.

Now it’s time for Baltimore. Please join us at our regular table. We will be there through Friday. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone!


Even we have problems. Dealers always aim to exceed the last price a similar coin sold for at auction, if possible. However, there are other issues that pop up. For example, we paid more than $10,000.00 for the 5C 1904 PCGS MS67 CAC we now have listed. The CU value is a mere $6,500.00. We will buy the other PCGS CAC coin for that sight-UNSEEN! We doubt we could. A pop-two gorgeous coin that cheap? NO way. The CACs have not traded. They should be five-figure coins all day. We had an estimate ahead of time to buy it (I hope that makes sense).

We cannot stress enough; use only published prices as guides. To help, we include them in our descriptions. Auctions are a better source, although you really need to know all about the last coin sold—was it high-end or ugly? What happened? That is where working with a dealer helps. Many dealers love to use auction prices to represent current market prices.

If you buy top-quality coins, you can’t buy them cheap anymore. You need to price them above their current market value. Even an 80S 65 DMPL coin, if it has monster mirrors, could be worth as much as $2,000.00, compared to $1,200.00 for a nice one.

Let us handle the detailed analysis of pricing for you. This is particularly true if you intend to purchase a rare item at auction. We admit, while sometimes it can be a guessing game, we’ve got one heck of a track record of purchases! But the last thing you really want is to miss a great coin.


What a selection we have this week! The Young-Dakota coins are undoubtedly the highlight. The highlight of his collection is a mind-blowing 1939 Proof Half coin. The 5C 1904 PCGS MS67 CAC is another great highlight. These are incredibly undervalued, especially considering that only two have been certified by CAC.

Every coin posted has superior quality and great eye appeal. We don’t mess around; you can 100% trust what we sell!

Coming soon: a complete high-grade set of Proof Shield Nickels. There are some fantastic coins included. Stay tuned.