Legend would like to highlight why working with a good dealer is the best way to buy and sell coins.

We went to see a long-time customer, Young Dakota. He was in the process of pairing down all of his family’s holdings, including coins. We were both sad and delighted.

Over 12 years ago, we received a call from someone who was new to us and coins. He wanted to discuss coins and what to buy. We told him that the most important thing was to buy the best coins he could afford, specifically PCGS CAC coins with strong visual appeal. We also talked about the coins we believed in and how we dealt with customers. The collector appreciated our operation and way of thinking. We loved the fact that he was on the same page as us. The following week, his first purchase was a complete and finest 1914 Proof set (no gold), all matched original, PCGS CAC. That was the first item in the huge Young Dakota collection. To this day, he has remained totally loyal to Legend.

His passion and excitement were evident every time we located a GEM for him. We worked together as a team. He especially liked the fact we vetted all the coins for him out of auctions, and we stayed up late doing the bidding. But when we found a secret coin or two, that was his biggest thrill. He also loved the fact that we told him no on so many coins. Unlike so many collectors, he did not have to pay an “education fee” for losing money on bad coins. We always protected him. One thing we also did was help him get some upgrades on his coins. Collectors just love it when it happens.

So he really was our palate. He allowed us to create a masterpiece for him. Today, his collection has so many great-quality and eye-catching coins. His sets range from Proof Indian Cents to ALL denominations of Barber Proofs, in the highest grades as well. One of the largest holdings we know of is GEM ORIGINAL MATCHED PROOF SETS (one of our all-time favorite things to place). He also has a lot of other coins.

We invited him to events along the way, such as the time we purchased the 1794 $1 for $10 million (he was sitting next to us).

Now that he is settling down, working with Legend to resell his coins makes sense. He understands that we share his enthusiasm for every coin we sell. These are all coins we want to place with a new generation and keep within our customer base. The entire multi-year relationship was (and will be for a very long time) a win-win for both of us. We will miss the frequent camaraderie with Young-Dakota. He is as great a collector as there is. When we picked up this small group of his coins, which we have now posted, he shed tears of joy. He considers the coins to be part of his family.

Working with a good dealer (like Legend) has so many benefits. We pretty much built Young-Dakota into a brand. He has nothing but super-nice coins. Building a true relationship can work wonders for your collection. Trying to navigate the numismatic world on your own can lead to problems. Young Dakota never had that.


We are pleased to offer selections from the great Young-Dakota Collection this week. We do consider each coin’s highlight caliber. Many of these coins have been off the market for over a decade! We promise, you’ll love them as much as Young-Dakota did!

In the coming months, we will offer more Young-Dakota coins. Stay tuned!

Of course, we worked even harder to find other coins. It’s tough out there!