We are shaking our heads how fast the summer has gone. We are also shaking our heads how busy we have been up until a week ago. The ANA Show starts this Tuesday, so the summer is really over.

Collectors realize they can not let any good coin pass them. That big black hole has only grown and the supply of good and great coins has reached almost non existent proportions. It was a shock to us how strong and how well attended the summer FUN Show was. At that show we saw six figure  coins trading  hands. At that show, we had never seen that before.

Now, at ANA, we expect every one to focus on the few special coins in  the auctions. As far as the bourse floor, with PCGS and CAC so tight, we expect to see very little fresh cool  coins from dealers. And when we do see something neat and cool, it will priced super strong. The problem there, if we have first shot and we pass, if becomes even 2% cheaper, the next guy will buy it. If you are a dealer like us who gets a lot of first shows, its very frustrating. Warning: do not think too hard or long on great coins!

At this point we really do not know what to expect activity to be like at the show. The ANA show has for sure been on the decline. We expect this one to have a chance to better then last years total dud simply because of the location. The next issue to the show isn’t if the public shows, it’s if the coins do.



Of course Legend will have millions of dollars worth of just MONSTER coins for sale and on display. We are thrilled to have as the highlight:

The MONSTER 1793 Copper set which includes the UNIQUE and fabulous Proof Ameri Chain Cent. This cent is quite possibly the very first Large Cent ever struck! It is universally considered one of the greatest coins ever minted.

There will be several other MONSTER coins/sets too at our table.

We expect this show to actually regain some of the past in terms of the great displays. You can bet we will be hugging the $20 1933 display moaning to buy the deal. Our own Black Cat will have his special Confederate Half and Cent over at the ANA Display. We know of several dealers who will have some mega coins as well on display. Even before it starts, we have the rare opinion, this show you will see some of the greatest coins only displays (most not for sale) that there has been in years.

If you come by, lets do some biz. Legend Numismatics is the strongest buyer on the floor for the coins we need!  What do you have?


Sorry, nothing this week. We are bone dry!  We expect to have a killer group next week after the show (we do have coins put back already).

Until then, check out our huge PCGS CAC offerings. We have some great coins that deserve great homes!


BID NOW! Our August Premier Sessions sale is now open for bidding! We’ve already had a substantial amount of eye balls and bidders!  This sale CLOSES August 19th starting at 9 PM EST. We will have the coins at the ANA the show for viewing.

We assure you, our Monthly Internet Only Sales are far better then any others. EVERY coin is handpicked by TWO world class numismatists. We do VERY much REJECT coins. We do send all coins to CAC. Last, we offer FULL accurate descriptions. More important, Legend Auctions NEVER splits up complete collections or important groups.

ABSOLUTE FINAL CALL for our September Regency Sale. We already have awesome Konstatine Bust Half Collection (the ONLY complete Red Book set ever offered publically).A major Mercury Dime Collection. Single coins like a 5C 1926S PCGS MS65+ CAC and a monster $2.5 1890 PCGS PR66 DCameo CAC (just top pick 2 at random). Its not a pitch, space is extremely limited.

The September Regency Sale will be a two day event. Wed. will be all Half Dollar with the balance of the sale to be Thursday evening.

If you collect Bust Halves and are at the show Wed, stop by we’re going to have a small get together of collectors Wed evening.

If you have coins to consign, call or see our reps at the ANA Show: Julie Abrams: julie@, Jessica Berkman: jessica@legendauctions.conm, Greg Cohen:  They will ONLY craft a deal that 100% works for YOU!