2022 started off like a lion and ran like a bull until the ANA Auctions ended. Then, the rest of the year was like a sloth climbing a tree. Had we stopped doing business at the end of August, we would have out done 2021’s record year. Legend ended the year doing really well still. We just go nuts when the imaginary switch turns off.

Do not get us wrong, Legend is VERY bullish on the overall coin market still. Just know there clearly was a difference between pandemic buyers and the regular market. We think 2023 will at the very least start out for good buying for collectors.

In 2023 our business will be the same old same old with few if any changes. Retirement is not in the picture-we live breath and eat coins!!!!


It is our strong opinion, that the majority of coin trading has turned to online. We think in 2023 auctions will be everything. You can sit at home and with a degree of safety and buy coins. There are now bourse floors online where you can see offerings from multiple dealers. We expect these auctions to remain strong and continue to grow. Maybe in 10 years (save for FUN and ANA) shows will be pure wholesale or total social events for clubs. This is just OUR opinion. Long Beach and Baltimore would be strong again if they could cut it down to two shows. Neither promoter has shown a willingness to do so event though dealers have been moaning for years. We need to see how the revamped CSNS will be. That show holds some potential especially if they keep it in Chicago (GO CSNS)! . The ANA Midwinter needs to be put to rest. A new show in Nashville is due. We think it will be difficult for them to gain any traction. But we are rooting for it. We still LOVE to do the PCGS invitationals. We get more biz done there then at most major shows. The PCGS shows are great for collectors too. Bigger shows are pretty much over-you read that here. Small local shows will always have a positive buzz.

Here is a scary thought: without going to most shows, Legend did over $200 MILLION in business since 1/2021! We used to be scared stiff not to arrive first at a show. How things have changed.


Build Type sets. It’s one of the few ways you can actually complete a collection. We especially recommend gold Type sets.

Build a box of 20. You can include any coin YOU want.

Here is an even more novel approach that we do not understand why people do not do more of-JUST BUY WHAT YOU LIKE (sort of like Type, but you can buy dupes)!!!

While we have built many great sets: Morelan, Simpson, and most of Bender, we do not recommend trying to build too many sets. There are too many sets that are just too hard to complete now-very sad but true. These days you can barely complete a GEM Peace Dollar or $2.5 Indian gold sets (it just takes more patience). Talk to your dealer before starting a big project like building a major set. Of course, we can help you build the set of your dreams. We’re the BEST at what we do as PROVEN by the major collections we have built.

We expect 2023 to be challenging yet okay. We think the rare and higher quality coins will still enjoy strong demand. However, the go-go time of the pandemic-IS DONE! Be prepared to buy and hold LONG TERM. Coins are still wicked cool to own, and you really can make good money if you buy right-look at how Bob Simpson did-he crushed it (you do NOT have to be the size of a Simpson collection to make money)! And buy ONLY PCGS and CAC beaned coins like it or not.

All of us at Legend wish all of you a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEWS YEARS! We thank you for all the business in 2022. 

Laura will be attending the FUN show Wed-1:00 Thur. Only. If you need to see her or have a message, do not wait!