1806 25C Quarter Draped Bust, Large Eagle PCGS MS64+ (CAC)


We shake our heads in total amazement over the quality this piece has remained in. It is closer to MS65 then MS64!

For 216 years this coin has managed to avoid most contact. The surfaces are remarkably clean and smooth. With a strong glass all you can find are some tiny flecks (just one or two), some light lines/some neat light die clashing. The surfaces are NOT porous or scuffy. An above average glowing luster can be seen. Both sides are a mix of original deep champagne/golden brown/blue. Miss Liberty and the details are well struck and have some light adjustment marks.  The eye appeal is really super!

PCGS 10 NGC 11, CAC 6. PCGS has graded only 2 coins MS64+ with only 3 coins higher. It is critical to note: LRCA (our auction co) just sold a 25C 1806 PCGS MS64 CAC for $58,750.00 in our Nov 2nd sale. An MS65 would cost at least $80,000.00+ if it were available (the last one to sell in auction brought $78,000.00 04/2021). The current Collectors Universe value is $65,000.00 for an MS64+. We cannot stress enough the extreme rarity of ANY early Bust Quarters in near GEM. As they creep off back into the “black hole” of MIA coins, you’ll never be able to find any more. These have been unfairly harshly spanked in value. Opportunity knocks as loud as ever here!

NO BS when we say the crack out genuises LOVE this GEM. They just know PCGS and NGC are extra tough on Early Bust coins so they do not try. We make no promises-especially since the best and brightest won’t try. But this ia coin you want-VERY HIGH END!

Got gold or stuff?  Now is the time to sell to get into great rare coins like this. Think about it, how many have you seen offered for sale in the past few years? Today, this coin could bring much more if were to be sold via auction.


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