1868 Pattern J-652 Aluminum $1 PCGS PR66 CAM (CAC) SIMPSON


This is a low R-7 meaning about 9-12 were minted. This coin was struck in aluminum and sold in a set of 1868 Patterns. It is considered a die trail. For an aluminum coin, the quality is way above average!

Deep mirrors almost resemble what you would see on any silver proof coin. The mirrors are deep, are clean overall (only with a strong glass can you find a minor imperfection or two) and have bold clarity (aluminum piece can come hazy). When you twirl the coin, the mirrors look like a freshly formed sheet of ice. The contrast is bold too. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and are sharply struck. The eye appeal is terrific!

How can you beat a coin with only 9-12 minted that costs way less than $25,000.00 and is 156 years old? Some how, this FINEST KNOWN piece has a Collectors Universe value of $32,500.00. We make no bones about it, we stole it when we paid $13,200.00 at the FUN Auction.

An important note: this old friend is the Garrett coin. It came from the huge Southern Pattern deal Simpson bought in 2008 for $36 million. Back then his cost was $19,000.00. Even today we deem that as too cheap. If this was the regular minted Silver piece, PCGS PR66 Cameo CAC, today it would easily bring $40-$50,000.00. We think its absurd that patterns like this are so overlooked.

We can not scream it any louder. opportunity knocks loud here!


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