1881-S $1 Dollar Morgan PCGS MS68 NOT CAC


When we see really nice MS untoned Morgans in MS68 or higher (yes higher), we try and buy them.  We had to buy this absolute KILLER piece. We have deep scars from where we scratched our heads as to why CAC did not bean it. We make NO promises, but this coin sure looks like it should have been.

Exceptional surfaces border on sheer perfection. There are more lines on the holder then the coin. Both sides have knockout semi-prooflike mirrors that nearly blind you. This coin explodes with a tremendous cartwheel luster. Of course, both sides are a screaming silvery white w/a faint hint of gold by the rims. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and are nicely frosted. Her cheek is amazingly clean and smooth too. The eye appeal is tremendous!

PCGS 241, NGC 420, CAC 128. The last PCGS piece to sell in auction brought $4,113.00 11/2023. The current Collectors Universe value is $6,250.00. A CAC coin looking this explosive today would be near $7,500.00. Save the money and buy this KILLER piece! If you know us, then you know we do NOT buy low end or dreck coins. We saw this coin and just could not put it down-and yes, we own it!



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