If you know us, then you who our all time fav pedigree is-Naftzger! As we have said many times before, only Naftzger, Blay, and Lord St Oswald are the ONLY pedigrees we will buy every time and we will buy them sightUNSEEN! Of course this coin lives up to the expectations of the name! Overall, for a Large Cent this coin has exceptional surfaces. There s a small planchet issue hidden in the right obverse field. A strong luster beams from all over. The color is a faded GEM Original Mint Red. There is  a slight touch of toning (no, this coin is NOT changing color). Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck-although there is some slight weakness in the stars. Overall, this is a great coin with a great eye appeal! PCGS 73, NGC 43, CAC 9. A GEM MS red Large Cent PCGS CAC is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find. We never see them coming to market. This coin Legend purchased directly from a collector to whom we sold it to years ago.Its NO retread for sure! Opportunity knocks loud here!  


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