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Item# 50552

We certainly are NOT finding many matched original Proof sets anymore. Our eyes lit up when we saw this set and knew we had to own it. Each coin has outstanding quality and eye appeal. There is no question this is a 111 year old matched set!

Of the 675 sets possibly minted, we doubt if even 50 are still together or are even remotely close to GEM! We consider MATCHED ORIGINAL PROOF SETS to be the “last frontier of numismatics”.

1C  PCGS PR65RD CAMEO. WOW! In fact make that multiple WOW’s! Incredible deep mirrors seem to be endless. The look like a freshly formed sheet of ice. There is not a single imperfection. In fact we rate the quality as very high end. Both sides have phenomenal original red/gold GEM colors. Miss Liberty and the details not only are needle sharp in strike-they have thick frost and exhibit intense contrast. The eye appeal is jaw dropping and unforgettable! PCGS 3. NOTE: the last 1C like this to sell in auction brought $5,750.00 09/2010. We would hate to see this set broken up over the 1C.

5C  PCGS PR66. Deep, clean, clear, and glassy mirrors. Both sides have light golden toning.

10C PCGS PR66. Deep mirrors are crystal clear, super clean, and offer powerful reflection. Of course the colors match all the other silver coins.

25C PCGS PR67. First, we believe this coin is PERFECT! The only reason why PCGS did not grade it 67+ or 68-the toning (which is totally original and is well matched to the other coins) is slightly imperfect. The mirrors are deep, glass like, have great clarity, and are highly reflective.

50C PCGS PR67. Phenomenal everything! The 1C isn’t the only coin someone would break this set up for! The mirrors are deep and beam vividly from all over. The mirrors also have extreme clarity, cleanliness, and of course intense reflection. The colors do 100% match every other coin. This coin also borders on being a Cameo. The eye appeal is stunning plus!

We do not believe in breaking up matched original sets like. We want this set set to be placed in a good long terms home where the owner will cherish its beauty and rarity.

Think about it, how many real GEM Proof 1906 Sets have you ever seen?


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