For sure, this one of the more amazing 1795 Halves you will ever see!  The fact it still exists in such a wonderful state of preservation is just crazy!

Remarkable surfaces are exceedingly clean and satiny smooth. Save for some Mint Made MINOR die clashing etc, there are NO adjustment marks. The luster is light but if does make the outstanding original colors of tan/deep gold/navy rims stand out. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck. You certainly will NOT see many 1795 Halves better then this piece-the eye appeal is heart pounding!

PCGS 2, NGC 6, CAC 3. This is the LONE MS64+ graded. It has only traded hands privately. Mr Simpson replaced this w/the Pogue MS65 (there maybe one other MS65 graded and that is it-NONE higher). Opportunity can not knock any louder here!

We are please to offer one of the greatest MS Bust Halves available. It has everything-all the bells and whistles!