I wish to thank my doctors and their team for making the surgery successful.

They had to remove bones, move bones, then cut into the spinal cord. Let just say it took me 2 weeks (most in ICU) just to be able to roll over. Only now am I home and starting to walk again. They are telling me recovery can be as long as 3 months.

Thank god, three years of horror are now gone.

Also a big thank you to every one who reached out to me with well wishes. I really did not think any one would care. I am really moved by the out pouring of caring,


After I recover, I plan on going back to work with a reduced travel and over all schedule. So I will still be around doing what I know and love best. I just will not be working 80+ hour weeks.

Next up: finding a new kidney. I do dialysis 3X a week these days. That is also taking its toll on me. However it is not as bad as the suffering the tumor caused.

Jose is also feeling better as is George. We were pretty much broken over the summer.

This has been one crazy nasty year. I can only hope it ends well (and soon)!