Historically the time between the ANA Show and the middle of September is the quiet period. End of summer vacations, back to school and simply regroup after all the ANA auctions. We project this trend will continue this year. However, collectors are still so hungry for great coins that if any pop up-prices will still be stout.

Lets review how the ANA auction did. The two coins we tried to buy, the $1 1889-CC PCGS MS65+ CAC (we were the direct underbidder) sold for $660,000.00 and the $10 1870-CC PCGS AU58 CAC brought an earth shattering $1,080,000.00. There were so many coins we got nuked on in the sales. We were highly aggressive, we placed $2.4 million in hammer bids and bought only $550,000.00. The majority of the prices are now the current market for those coins. There is no question it costs more to buy really better coins. In fact, we just sold a 1C 1793 Chain PCGS MS65BN CAC for $1,350,000.00. Having better coins for sure enabled us to SELL Many coins to collectors at the ANA show (we even sold 5 coins well into five figures). No one else had the amount of PCGS CAC handpicked coins like we do. In our orbit, collectors badly demand the better quality coins.

Buying the best quality for the grade DOES make a HUGE difference in the long run. Understand you cannot buy a top pop, truly HIGH-END, PCGS CAC coin cheap today. We have to pay strong to get coins that only a year ago we could buy what seemed reasonably strong. There is a record low of better coins today. But not all coins-especially nickels and a lot of Type are selling really strong (it’s spotty).

We all love auctions, but it’s cheaper to buy away from them. We’ve curated the very best coins to offer. We’ve done all the hard work of trolling the bourse floor. We know our markets and don’t get carried away with what we pay. Having us work with you WILL help you not only build a great collection (look what we did for Simpson, Morelan and many others) and will save you money over the long term!


We have an earth shattering 10C 1830 PCGS MS67 CAC. It used to be a major dealer’s personal coin. One look and you will see why!

This group of NEWPS includes at least a dozen coins priced BELOW $10,000.00! Plus, we have another round of our superb Morgan Dollar collection. The Morgans are all HIGH END and handpicked GEM white coins that have been off the market for many years. Most are in older blue tag holders. .

As always, we did our best to have an offering of high quality and gorgeous coins to fit everyone’s budgets.

We invite you to check out our PCGS CAC inventory. There are many cool coins that deserve to be in your collection! Of course we’ll work hard to make it happen.


This Sunday starting at 7 PM EST is TONER PALOOZA. Be ready! We have had record eyeballs already. Plus, so many people came to see the coins at ANA. Be prepared-these coins will bring strong money!

We are now in our new and improved weekly auction phase. You’ll find more PCGS CAC coins and a whole bunch of better coins with higher values. We assure you these will be exciting sales!

On Nov 2nd, we will have our Regency 61 Sale. We already have the Perfection collection of Bust 25C. And we have an amazing blast white $1 1925-S PCGS MS65+! There is still time to get your rarities and nice coins in this sale. Just like the big boys, we get record prices too. Contact the BEST team in the auction biz today!

Of course, we are always accepting consignments for our weeklies. Min value per lot is $250.00. We pay fast!