This past week, it seems like the “switch” just flipped to the “off” position for the coin market.  Only generic gold and bullion are still selling strong.  But then again we are headed into the most dreaded time of the year – TAX time.  It’s hard to go from 100 to 25 MPH.  However, year after year the market comes roaring back.  The first 3 months of this year have been strong for us and we foresee a very good year for coins overall.

Prices seem to be holding steadily – save for low grade generics which are on the rise.



We are major gold bugs.  We believe in gold whether it is a bullion coin or a great gold rarity.  In this bull market, it is clear that gold coins have led the way in value gains and activity.  We see this continuing as gold has always been viewed as a safe heaven during inflationary times.

Our suggestion is to build a gold Type set or a box of 20 of your favorite gold coins.  A $2.5 Indian set is popular – we suggest MS64 – MS65.  We LOVE MS66/66+ CAC Saints.

Gold flirted with $2,000.00 again this week.  Some experts are calling for $2,500.00 shortly.  Regardless of what happens, you should have a few gold coins in your collection.

Do not hesitate to discuss buying better gold coins with us, we can help!  We have one of the biggest PCGS CAC graded groups of better gold in the business!



We are happy to offer an exceedingly fine group of NEWPS.  The overall quality is crazy good!  Highlights include:

3CS 1862 PCGS PR66+ CAMEO CAC.  A killer!

5C 1936 SATIN PCGS PR68 CAC. A monster plus!

$10 1861S PCGS AU55+ CAC.  WOW!

$20 1863S PCGS MS62 CAC. Super!

We have several other fresh and fantastic PCGS CAC NEWPS now posted.  Every coin has outstanding eye appeal.  Legend ONLY buys the very best coins on the market!

Check out our complete inventory.  We are here to help you into the coins of your desires!



We are getting a ton of eye balls – actually a record number already for our watch list for Regency Auction 58 being held at the CSNS.  This is one of our BEST sales EVER.  The coins are not in order and descriptions are drafts.  A sale this important we wanted to get them posted early.  We expect the cataloging to be completed and the sale to open for bidding in a week.  Stay tuned!

The consignment deadline for our NOLA sale on May 25th at the PCGS Members Only Show is April 14th.  Contact the BEST team in the biz.  (732) 935-1168

Check out our weekly auctions.  We accept coins valued from $250.00 – $2,500.00.

We will not be checking our voice messages until 9 AM Monday.  If you see something of interest or have any questions.  Please email