Things are status quo. So, we figured rather than talk about the same old same old, we would discuss somethings of importance.


First, this is NOT a full bull market. There are many areas, Bust Quarters, 3CN’s, etc that are performing poorly and have little demand. The hottest level has been million dollar plus coins rumored to be bought with crypto money. In the real world, ALL gold has been on fire. PCGS CAC gold especially.

It is our strong opinion that due to summer travel and the crypto and stock markets down turns, we think the coin market for now has peaked. For the most part, we have stopped paying excessive premiums to buy coins. But then there are practically no coins available. The pandemic era of the coin market (and shows) is clearly over.

There is no reason to stop buying. In fact, be like Warren Buffet–buy on the dip. If you see something you want, do not be afraid to make an offer. Now is the best time to get deals. We are far away from any serious market correction.  2022 in our opinion, is still the year of the hard asset. However, auctions may not be as “off” as compared to internet sales. Always remember, auctions are competitions. In today’s marketplace, even in the summer doldrums, we fully expect coins in our sale and the FUN sale (both in July) will still sell strong. We just do not expect to see the extreme runaway prices of earlier this year.

The market is kind of funny still. Demand has settled yet there are no coins around and not many people are selling. We can only hope that deep black hole remains active and has the holding power (every time we think it will loosen-it gets stronger).

Now you can see why we were suggesting you sell your dupes or coins you have big profits in. Nothing goes up forever. Do not wait too long. We are here to work with you. We can buy outright, take on memo, or auction the coins.


Did you know that in many dealers’ minds, the Baltimore Show has the worst lighting to buy coins? Yep, it sure does. There have been a few times where we have bought coins there only to come home and find out we missed a big line, smudge, or something else. We are only talking about on the bourse floor not upstairs looking at auction lots.

The real pros sometimes go out in the darker hall way with their halogens to get things tight. Or they used to drape black cloth over the back of their tables making a grading cocoon. There is not much any one can do there except try to be extra careful. It is safe to assume most convention centers share the same fate.

At home you should look at your coins in the darkest room you can create. Use a 75 watt soft white or a halogen light if you really want to see everything. Makre sure to twirl your coin to see if there are hidden lines or substances. If you can scan your coins with a black light. That is what we do. It shows up putty in a second.

Last, do NOT grade via an image. It does not work. You can see certain things. Sometimes nothings are blown up and look bad. Use an image as a guide.

It is important that you buy a GEM AU coin vs a piece with a problem. Lighting can be so critical.


Thanks again to our loyal collector base for selling us the coins we crave. Even though not much is happening, there are NO cool coins coming out. We were lucky-but 4 is not a huge amount anyway.

We have a wicked cool J-72 Eliasberg piece. In our opinion, its one of the most beautiful designs that never was. We do not understand why it is not a $25-$50G coin.

Hard to believe we have an awesome group of gold coins in transit-still. They should have been here days ago. Thank snail mail for getting even slower (although they were sent express).

Be sure to check out our regular inventory. We have many neat coins that deserve great homes like yours! We’ll work extra hard to get you into the coin of your desires!


What a difference a sale makes. This time we have a 400+ lot sale with many mid-range valued coins. So far, the eyeballs have been at record levels. The interest in this sale is far stronger then Auction 52. Keep in mind, we are facing the summer doldrums and a horrible stock market. Even though the pandemic brought the coin market so many new buyers, it’s still a blip on the major markets. That is why rare coins will survive and thrive today. So be prepared for a strong sale!


Unforgettable Commems

10C STD Proofs

MHS Bust Quarters

M+S Petty Seated Dollar set

Black Cat Pattern Dupes

We’re seeking consignments for  our September 8th sale to be held at the PCGS Show in San Diego. Call or email the BEST team in the business.