Our love affair for these mini shows grows with each PCGS Invitational. A change of venue has helped with dealer and public attendance. We were surprised that a few avid collectors attended on Wednesday, typically they attend these shows on Thursdays. Dealer activities were buzzing.

Grading was tight. OUCH! We heard of dealers going 2 for 86, 4 for 75. You figure at some point, they would take the hint. They can’t regrade coins that have already been regraded or coins that they are just trying to push the grades on. To us, it just seems like a lot of money wasted on grading fees. Imagine if they put that money into marketing and built a bigger biz. But then, the crack-out guys are not looking to expand the coin market overall.

CACG probably was the most discussed topic on the floor. The consensus is that crack-out dealers will not make any head winds there. CACG has proven they are strict and will not waver on their standards. You won’t see too many coins being “made” by crack-out dealers there. We could not find many CACG coins that fit our needs. We like to see more CACG coins on the bourse floor so we can start making stronger offerings. Clearly, CACG is the darling for the collecting public. In our gold offerings this weekend, we have 10 CACG MS 64 Saints, as well as PCGS MS64’s. These are really nice and fresh looking coins, most look better than some MS65’s we have seen!

Overall, the market is a bit on and off. Sure, the telemarketers are buzzing along for cheap dreck. They LOVE commoner slider Dollars to MS 64’s. But there is a middle rung of average stuff (like 3CN’s, a lot of Type) that seems to be lagging. Of course, the level of coins we handle is still good. Gold coins are showing signs of improvement as the price slowly inches up. We have sold a serious amount of the Naples Collection of $10 Indians in the first few days and are discussing the bigger coins with people.


It is our strong opinion, gold bullion and certified gold coins have some serious upside. Premiums by far are at their LOWEST levels since the ice age. One thing we did all week was buy gold coins with the lowest premiums we could find. We will be offering these coins in our NEWPS as soon as we have them on hand. When we offered PCGS MS64 W/M Saints a few weeks ago, we sold well over 100 coins in 2 days! How could you beat a $2,300.00 price with spot gold around $2,035.00? As of this writing it is at $2,065.00.

In our opinion, this is the best time to pick up some Saints with low premiums or other generics. We remember when the Brent Pouge sale was held in LA during the start of covid lockdown. The world was uncertain as to where things were headed. In the world of numismatics, collectors who bought the better gold-easily doubled their money since then. We can not see the gold premiums and spreads between the grades being this tight forever!

We found a very interesting article about gold on a well respected source, CNBC. We think you might enjoy reading it:


Selection at the PCGS show was sparse for us. We did not even break $50,000.00 in Philly! Great coins are stuck in that HUGE black hole and are being held tight in strong hands.

We need our customers’ help. We will buy entire collections or on a consignment basis. We especially yearn for coins we have sold to our customers. Collectors are still hungry and demand is still strong.

Collectors are up early today! Already, we got hit on 3 NEWPS at the time of this writing. Don’t miss out on the wonderful NEWPS and inventory.



ALL DMPL’s MS65 or higher on commoner dates. MUST all have FULL and clear 8″ mirrors. NO ONE PAYS MORE than us. We paid $225,000.00 for the 1881-CC PCGS MS67+ DMPL CAC! Yes, we need the BEST of the BEST DMPL’s.

We LOVE Standing Liberty Quarters w/FH. We seek 1918-1929 coins (NO 1918 or 1919 P’s). MUST be FH.

ANY S MINT Gem PEACE DOLLARS that are fully WHITE and any fully struck Gem 1921 as well.

Bust Dollars AU53 to MS. Love the original looking pieces.

Proof Liberty Seated and Barbers PR 64 and higher.

ALL early gold $2.5 to $10. Got any of these in MS?

Interesting coins priced from $1,500.00-$5,000.00. NO post 1947-NO LINCOLN CENTS especially. We LOVE 1941-S WHITE WALKERS and certain dates in Proof, must have mirrors.

Will consider better, non C and D mint gold coins.

Do not hesitate to discuss your selling options with us. Legend Numismatics has built one of the VERY BEST customer bases in the biz. We can sell 1879-S $1 in MS65 to a 1794 $1 in MS66 for $6,000,000+. We are in need of a nice MS64 or higher 1794 dollar, MUST BE PCGS CAC.

Please send us pics and or call or email us with what you have to sell.