Our inventory is typically chock full of cool coins. While packing for the Long Beach Show, we were stunned to see we had less than a “hand full” of coins. January had been our second biggest ever sales month. While we did a big deal, or two, we took our eyes off of our inventory. It’s like seeing the dust has settled and realize everything is gone. Unless we can buy heavily at Long Beach, we expect February will be one of our worst months for sales!  So far, we’ve only bought two coins at the show; SPENDING LESS THAN $20,000.00. The initial report from the show floor is bone dry; however a large group of dealers could not make it due to the storms in the center of the country.

Our first sale for February was a $75,000.00 coin. That’s one more down with no signs of replacement. Our market still has a ton of strength. It’s clear we can not get enough coins to satisfy demand. Our Want Lists still exceed $20 million! We know we certainly can NOT buy the coins we want.

If you have coins for sale-especially coins we sold you, email or call us. We want them back! The only show in February besides Long Beach is at the end of the month-the PCGS Members Only Show in Las Vegas. That’s not the biggest show so we do not expect to replenish our inventory there either as we don’t want to just buy STUFF.  There are two auctions in February, Heritage and ours, but we can only pay so much in auctions. NOT BEING ABLE TO FIND “LEGEND QUALITY” HAS NEVER BEEN TOUGHER! 

While this outlook may not be ideal for Legend, it’s certainly good for collectors. There is strength in the market but there is unquestionably no flood of coins. We believe that deep black hole that good coins fade into has only grown larger. Certainly not much is coming back out of it.

Note: Even while being blanked on inventory, Legend will NOT change its standards and buy non CAC or just anything to sell to the public. We do handle NGC and non CAC coins dealer to dealer, but It’s never been the focus of what we do; we strive to offer only the best quality for sale to collectors.


Here is our small but quality oriented offering of NEWPS. Here are the highlights:

$20 1910-S PCGS MS65 CAC
$5 J-599 1867 PCGS PR66 RB CAC SIMPSON

Same old story, we really did try our best to buy coins for all tastes and budgets.

Right now we would LOVE to buy a collection or two. It can be NGC, it does NOT have to be PCGS CAC. If we do not have fresh coins, we can’t do business! What a dilemma to have huh?

We invite you to check out our regular inventory. It’s all PCGS CAC. Who else has an original 1857 Proof set? Or a $10 1912 PCGS PR66 CAC? We pride ourselves in offering some of the rarest and BEST coins available.



Our first weekly sale was a huge success-THANK YOU!  Now, we are off to the races with weekly sales. You’ll find choice coins from $250.00 to $2,500.00. ALL coins are unreserved.  Overtime we will be making some small adjustments to make these sales as efficient and enticing as possible.

Pre-bidding for Regency Auction 57 is open. What a great sale! If you have questions or need any help, please call or email us.  Info@legendauctions.com   (732) 935-1168

We are always accepting consignments for our weekly sales and for our next Regency sale which is at the CSNS Show on April 27th. Consign now!



It has come to our attention that at least one email account at Legend Numismatics has been compromised this past week.

If you have received an email from lsperber1@hotmail.com asking to wire money for an invoice, please be aware that IT IS NOT coming from our offices and it is most likely a scam. We would never request a wire transfer as payment unless previously discuss and agreed upon with our clients.

We are working expeditiously to resolve this issue. Until we have this situation fixed we advice anyone who has received such a request to stop further replies to said email thread as we can not see your correspondence.

Please do not send any wires to Legend without a prior verbal verification of ABA and ACCOUNT via a phone call.

Thank you for you attention to this matter.