In our opinion, this coin ranks among the greatest NO MOTTO Proof Dollars that exist! It was originally bought at the Mint by a picky collector and held in their family until around 2002. AT that time, the coin was an NGC PR67. We had someone offer us $175,000.00 for it back then! Obviously, in today’s insane marketplace, this coin has been forced “on sale”! PCGS is just out to lunch not grading this coin a full PR67 Cameo. Even CAC agreed and gave this coin the extremely rare GOLD BEAN. They just do not want to do it for reasons only they will know. Every inch of the mirrors are super deep and beam from all over. The clarity is amazing as is the cleanliness. Of course the reflection is intense. No question this coin has NEVER been messed with  or even dipped at any point. Unlike so many other 1856 Proofs we have seen, this coin made sexy totally original moderate toning and is not blotchy or dull. The colors are a beautiful mix of champagne/gold/violet/lavender/blue. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have stand out full strikes. The eye appeal is awesome! LESS then 50 were minted. PCGS has graded NO PR65’s or 66’s (while NGC has one of each). This coin is the type of coin Legend loves. It has the ultimate QUALITY, RARITY, and EYE APPEAL. Once this coin is sold, there will be nothing even remotely close to acquire. Opportunity knocks loud here on many levels! We strongly feel the price we are offering it at is well within reason. We could offer $150,000.00 and will never get another. The NGC PR65 (NO bean) is currently being offered for $50,000.00. This coin is easily worth subtantially more!  

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